About Securicon

Expect a Higher Level of Security Expertise

Securicon combines a seasoned, knowledgeable technical staff with sound, tested methodologies and comprehensive strategies — and an ability to balance information and operational security needs with business and other functional requirements.


The driving force behind our success is our cadre of highly qualified and experienced IT and OT security engineering professionals. Dedicated to constantly refining and expanding its skills, the Securicon Team has decades of combined experience in system administration, network engineering, industrial control system assessments, application and operating system programming, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security and network architecture design, security policy development, incident response and forensics.


The depth and breadth of our experience allows us to provide a comprehensive “real-world” approach that few companies can match. Our security architecture designs and policies benefit from experience gained in multiple penetration testing and incident response engagements — meaning that our findings and recommendations are based on demonstrated facts, not theory. In addition, when standard strategies are not practical in a customer’s environment, our experience allows us to recommend and develop smart alternative approaches.


In addition to network and system cyber security experience, Securicon engineers have specific in-depth expertise in many industry sectors characterized by critical infrastructure environments, including



We also offer customized security services to meet each customer’s information security and budgetary requirements, such as:


To learn more about our expertise and services, please call us at (877) 914-2780.